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When local governments like the City of West Hollywood, City of Santa Ana, and the City of Santa Monica need to resolve their flooring issues, they call Flooring Detective. We’ve been performing flooring inspections for over 20 years — helping hundreds of homeowners, builders, manufacturers, and attorneys. Our founder, Jeffrey Meltzer, has been working in the industry since 1994 — and as an NWFA certified professional, provides flooring inspection, dispute resolution, and expert witness services. If you’re having issues or problems with your hardwood flooring, we can help.


About NWFA

The NWFA is authorized to provide continuing education to architects and interior designers licensee’s requiring CEU’s to maintain their certificate. Jeffrey Meltzer is certified as an NWFA presenter to deliver seminars to those in our industry needing CEU credits or for those just wanting to learn more about the wood flooring industry.

With economics always top of mind, it may be time to consider “on the job” training by an NWFA national inspector. NWFA inspectors can train your crews at your facility. Using your procedures, updating your staff on the knowledge of NWFA rules and best practices, moisture testing, and mitigation, proper trowel usage, sanding and finishing techniques — all or any subject can be reviewed with your staff improving their skills and minimizing claims.