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Flooring Investigation

Want to get to the bottom of your hardwood flooring issue?

At Flooring Detective, we can help you know exactly what’s wrong with your floors, and how to fix them. We perform a detailed, on-site inspection based on your specific issue. We then prepare a comprehensive report based on NWFA guidelines.
We frequently overturn other inspections that are not fact-based or do not follow these guidelines. And our founder, Jeffrey Meltzer, is a seasoned forensic expert witness on hardwood flooring issues. If you need a report that stands up in court, we can help.
If you want to know the real issues with your flooring, tap on the button below to speak with an expert:


Certified Solutions

We can help with your flooring inspection and dispute resolution.

Qualified Witness

We can serve as your go-to expert for your hardwood flooring cases.

Expert Witness Testimony

Are you looking for a professional to serve as a witness with your hardwood floor case?

If you’re dealing with a flooring settlement case, hire an expert. Our founder, Jeffrey Meltzer, has over a decade of experience inspecting hardwood floors. As a fully certified NWFA member, he’s logged many hours on the stand as an expert witness testimony. He knows how to write fact-based inspection reports, how to dispute other inspection reports, and has a proven track record for success.

If you want to hire Jeffrey as your expert witness, get in touch directly using the button below:




Jeffrey Meltzer is a seasoned forensic expert witness on hardwood flooring issues.