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LOW-COST SPC FLOORING (Recycle material)

Choose LOW-COST SPC FLOORING (Recycle material) will bring you all kinds of troubles and losses in the future.

Before knowing the quotation of the stone plastic floor, we first know the shortcoming of the stone plastic floor!

Because of the pursuit of low prices bought the dealer can not bear the pain!

See attached the pictures for your reference. Without any test report for recycle SPC click flooring.

We got some feedback from our customer. He side Just can use 3-6 months will have cracking and bending See the pictures and video. And have big smell. If need you can call him to talk more about that. Hope can help you.

Issues with SPC flooring, picture #1 Issues with SPC flooring, picture #2 Issues with SPC flooring, picture #3

Yes, it is true, the above cases are low-cost recycled SPC floor soon after use, to the dealer not only the loss of money, more serious is the customer lost confidence in their credibility.

We think merit is a Cliche! Let’s take a look at the requirements and features of SPC FLOORING.

1. The ground is demanding

Stone plastic floor, also called rigid PVC Click flooring. It is more cost-effective than the ordinary PVC floor because the internal structure is hardcore, hardcore because the floor is not only added PVC resin powder but also added marble powder. The marble powder forms the hardcore layer of the stone-plastic floor by high temperature and high pressure. The price of marble powder is lower than the resin powder, so the production cost of the stone plastic floor is lower than the pure resin powder PVC floor. At the same time, the stone floor also has the advantages of the PVC floor. It can be said that the stone floor is one of the most perfect composite floors.

Stone plastic floor

The shortcoming of SPC Floor is also caused by its hardcore and lock buckle. Stone plastic floor in the guarantee of cost-effective at the same time so that the lock buckle becomes “Brittle”. So the paving of the ground requirements are higher or paved the floor did not use a long time, splice on the locks are all cracked! Of course, the stone floor lock buckle “Brittle” is determined by its own products. We can enhance the strength of the lock from several aspects: the proportion of marble powder and resin powder, the lock type, whether it is a recycled product (the stone-plastic floor has the characteristics of recyclable reproduction. The performance of the recycled floor is certainly not as good as the new material.)

The stone-plastic floor plank picture

2. SPC floor is the same as another PVC floor, need to distinguish whether it is the production of recycled materials.

Because SPC Vinyl Flooring is recyclable (macroscopically, it is very environmentally friendly), but it is difficult to control the stability of the Flooring produced by recycled materials because the composition of recycled materials can not be determined. The physical and chemical property uncertainties of SPC Floors are caused. In general, the problem of heavy metal exceeding the standard, radiation exceeding the standard, and product structure instability arise in returned SPC Floor.

SPC Vinyl Flooring is recyclable

Some vendors will guide customers from the floor to the base material, color to identify whether SPC FLOORING is recycled production. It’s unscientific, it’s not rigorous. There are generally black and white in circulation on the two colors of the stone plastic floor. Black is not necessarily the back material production, white is not all-new material production. The color is determined by the natural color of the stain and the marble powder. If the addition of titanium dioxide and marble powder is also relatively pure white, then the production is definitely white (even if the addition of the return). If you add carbon black and marble powder partial ash, then the production will be a black background.

To identify whether SPC FLOORING is recycled, you can observe the cross-section of the floor for air holes and impurities, and you can ask the factory to show the heavy metal test report. If you encounter a manufacturer who offers much lower prices than the market, it is likely to be used to Recycle material.

Recycle material pictures

3. The waterproofing of SPC Click Flooring needs to be defined

Stone Plastic Composite Flooring is indeed formaldehyde-free, but waterproof is not 100%, someone once asked, Stone floor can be used outdoors, even in the bottom of the pool, the answer, of course, is no. Everybody understands the structural layer of #SPC Vinyl plank to be able to understand, SPC Flooring is can not long-term bubble in water. However, it works very well in damp spots, such as the changing rooms of a bathing center, hotel rooms, restaurants, and shopping malls.

SPC floor structure

Low prices always accompany with high risk, maybe quality, quantity or reputation. we cannot bring down our quality to get advantage on prices. We hope our parters grow with us in a health way.

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