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Below, you can check one by one the list of chemicals Panaget rates A+. Continued and excessive exposure to these chemicals can have various side effects on human body, as is evident from these links.


  • watery eyes
  • burning sensations of the eyes, nose, and throat
  • coughing
  • wheezing
  • nausea
  • skin irritation
  • Acetaldehyde, the toxic product of ethanol metabolism in the liver, covalently binds to a variety of proteins, thereby altering liver function and structure. 
  • Symptoms of toluene exposure include: irritation of the eyes and nose; weakness, exhaustion, confusion, euphoria, dizziness, headache; dilated pupils, lacrimation (discharge of tears); anxiety, muscle fatigue, insomnia; numbness or tingling of the skin; dermatitis. Toluene exposure may cause liver and kidney damage.
  • The primary effects
    from chronic (long term) inhalation exposure are neurological, including impaired cognitive and motor
    neurobehavioral performance. Tetrachloroethylene exposure may also cause adverse effects in the kidney, liver,
    immune system and hematologic system, and on development and reproduction.
  • The main effect of inhaling xylene vapor is depression of the central nervous system, with symptoms such as headache, dizziness, nausea and vomiting. The effects listed below can begin to occur with exposure to air levels of about 100 ppm. They are reversible and become more noticeable and serious as the length of time of exposure increase
  • irritation eyes, skin, nose, throat, respiratory system; bronchitis; hypochromic anemia; headache, drowsiness, lassitude (weakness, exhaustion), dizziness, nausea, incoordination; vomiting, confusion; chemical pneumonitis (aspiration liquid)
  • What immediate health effects can be caused by exposure to 1,4dichlorobenzene? Breathing 1,4dichlorobenzene can cause irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat; dizziness; headache; and upset stomach. Breathing or swallowing very large amounts can cause liver damage
  • Humans: Exposure to high levels of ethylbenzene in the air for short periods can cause eye and throat irritation. Exposure to higher levels can result in vertigo and dizziness. Animals: Exposure to very high levels (about 2 million times the usual level in urban air) can cause death.
  • People exposed to high levels of 2butoxyethanol for several hours reported irritation of the nose and eyes, headache, a metallic taste in their mouths, and vomiting. No harmful effects were seen on their lungs or hearts
  • Chronic exposure affects the central nervous system showing symptoms such as depression, headache, fatigue, weakness, and may cause minor effects on kidney function. The following references aid in recognizing occupational hazards and health effects associated with styrene.



The list was provided by Panaget. It is a French parquet manufacturer since 1929. They manufacture 100% French oak wood floors, ecological and free of Chemicals. Order a Free Sample in just a couple of clicks from our partner supplier Olde Tyme Floor. 

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